Qualified Investor Leads

Hello everyone, my name is Mike Benson, I’m the owner Worldwide Marketing
Connection Inc.

For those of you don’t know me, I’ve been around since 1996 my company motto
is.it all starts with the lead!

I want to talk to you today about qualified investor leads, I know you’re
busy so I promise to be very brief!

What are qualified investor leads? They are the identification of a person
that has the interest and authority to purchase or become involved with
investment opportunities!

Some companies use compile lists as qualified investor leads, meaning that
this person must be an accredited investor and a millionaire than his
next-door neighbor must be an accredited investor and millionaire and these
are nothing but modeled credit leads and I can get you that all day long,
same parameters.five cents a lead!

Our qualified investor leads come from some of the highest quality front and
client paper in the industry. The top 20% sales people qualify and then send
a PPM to these investors. These are real qualified investor leads! Those are
the kind of leads you need to put in your hands. You’re not shooting in the
dark with those leads!

Give me a call! Oh, by the way, since 1996 I’ve got an A+ rating with the
BBB. Which simple means I take good care of you, we deliver the same day and
we take care you on the back end, better than anyone!

Give me a call at 888-547-8276.