Hello everyone my name is Mike Benson, I’m the owner Worldwide Marketing
Connection Inc.

I’ve been around since 1996 and from the beginning of time.it all starts
with the lead!

I wanted to take a minute today and just talk to you about investor leads, I
know you’re very busy so I promise to be brief!

What are investor leads?

For us, investor leads are someone who has in the past, spent time on the
phone with an investment broker and had been qualified as an accredited
investor. For us, these leads are people that are willing to talk over the
phone about high risk high reward investments. Then agree to look at a
private placement memorandum, for example.

Outside of doing your own personal TV, radio, print or any other type of
advertising. We have found these to be the best source of investor leads

Call me for real investor leads! And, by the way, since we have been in
business1996 we have enjoyed a.A+ rating with the BBB. Which simple means we
take good care of you, we deliver in the same day and we take care you on
the back end better than anyone else!

So, give me call me at 888-547-8276.

Stock Investments

Say you are interested in becoming an investor in the stock market and you don’t have much experience in the field yet. As a new stock investor, you may be tempted to go after aggressive growth, or you may be tempted to sit back very cautiously and let things play out.

Either way, no one wants to lose money (especially playing the stock market), so here are a few suggestions about how to try stock investing without losing your shirt.

Learn about several kinds of investments.

If you are indeed completely brand new to the stock market, do some research before you jump in with both feet. Read a few basic articles and books about how to invest, join an investment group for advice and support and look around online for all the info that’s available.

Learn the difference between a stock, a bond, a mutual fund, an ETF, an investment allocation and more. Get a good basic understanding of as much as you can, and remember Warren Buffet’s famous rule (paraphrased): if you can’t understand it, why would you invest in it?

Keep your portfolio of investments diversified with ETFS (exchange traded funds, if you were wondering) and index funds.

One of the best ways to earn high returns is to keep your costs low. Small percentage charges and maintenance fees on your 401(k) will add up over time until your investment is much less than you expected.

ETFs and index funds, on the other hand, limit your risk while still keeping your cost low. These investments allow you as a stock investor to have access to more than 8,000 individual positions, which means you are not as much at risk of one company losing favor in the market or going bankrupt.

Don’t think you can beat the market – just participate in it.

When they set out to beat the market, stock investors almost invariably lose their shirt – or if not, they still underperform the market because they buy and sell at less than the best times. Almost no one can make it through the ups and downs of the market with a better performance than an EFT.

When you are ready to give investing a go, set aside a small amount of money and be willing to lose it all.

Don’t jump into the market with your entire life saving that you cannot afford to lose. Start small and work your way up. At the beginning, only invest what you can afford to lose.

Follow these quick tips for success in the market!