Oil and Gas Leads

Our Oil and Gas Leads contain licensed financial specialists who have gotten Private Placement Memorandums for Oil and Gas Investment Offerings. These qualified financial specialists have a background marked by putting resources into Oil and Gas ventures inside of the previous two years, and have communicated enthusiasm for accepting sales for future private Oil and Gas offerings.

Oil and Gas Deals are our Specialty

In the previous ten years, oil boring has expanded drastically and normal gas extraction has blasted. Pressure driven Fracturing, or “Fracking,” has considered putting resources into normal gas extraction for ranges beforehand accepted to be depleted or desolate, hauling much more cash out of effectively gainful oil fields. Accordingly, private offerings for oil and gas endeavors are a great deal more common. This is a twofold edged sword for agents offering Oil and Gas penetrating speculation opportunities; while there are more licensed financial specialists hoping to get in on private Oil and Gas offerings, there are likewise much more fake Oil and Gas opportunities keeping speculators mindful.


Our Oil and Gas Leads realize what they are doing. They are all qualified licensed speculators with experience putting resources into Oil and Gas offerings, and a couple of terrible private offerings going around aren’t going to keep these folks out of their most loved venture market. With their immeasurable industry encounter, these licensed financial specialists can notice Oil and Gas misrepresentation a mile away.

Oil and Gas Investor Leads

Fortunate for them, these are BestInvestorLeads.com selective Oil and Gas Leads. They don’t need to manage less than impressive private Oil and Gas offerings, in light of the fact that we never let those offers contact them. Our administration dissects each new customer’s putting forth before considering offering them a lead list. On the off chance that the private offering’s quality meets what our Oil and Gas financial specialists have generally expect, we are glad to give that customer a focused on authorize speculator lead list. The licensed speculators are then glad to get the opportunity to put resources into another top quality Oil or Gas offering, and the customer is glad to surpass their venture objectives with a certify financial specialist lead rundown custom-made to their particular advertising. Everyone wins.

Knowing this, on the off chance that regardless you think your Oil and Gas offering can coordinate the quality requested by our licensed financial specialists, call us. We will work with you to confirm that your private offering is authentic and meets the SEC’s prerequisites under the particular Regulation D principle you expect to offer your Private Placement under. When we have that data, we can make a focused on rundown of licensed speculator leads in view of an assortment of criteria, for example, money related status, venture experience, and industry inclinations. Our focused on financial specialist lead records are perfectly customized around your offering, giving you a radically higher achievement rate than that of a non specific certify speculator list.

In the event that you are prepared to get your Private Placement Memorandum under the control of top financial specialists enthusiastic to hop on the speculation, call 1-888-547-8276 or round out a quote frame today.

Oil and Gas Investment

While oil prices are currently low, oil and gas are still vitally important to the world. Petroleum is in high demand for fuel and as a good way to generate BTUs (energy) and electricity. It’s also used as a lubricant and to create plastics, so the demand for it is here to stay.

Natural gas (prices are low, thanks to an incredible abundance) is also a popular source of energy for heating and cooking. It can be converted into electricity as well, and is important for creating fertilizers.

All that to say, oil and gas investors should keep investing in oil and gas – they aren’t going away anytime in the near future.

If you are interested in an investment in the oil and gas field, there are several ways to go about it, including four basic types of investments:


If you want a risky, speculative play, go with this option. In exploration, companies buy or lease land and invest money in drilling projects. If they find oil, the initial investment can pay off more than 10 times – sometimes much more if the company leverages borrowed money for finances.

If they don’t strike oil, though, they could lose the entire investment, so this kind of oil and gas investment is best suited for those who have a high risk tolerance.


These projects are less risky and speculative than exploration projects, but there are still no guarantees that they will pay off. In development, companies drill near proven reserves, hoping to find more oil near where the original field was found. Again, oil and gas investors should carefully weigh the risks and rewards.


Income projects are generally the safest way to invest in drilling and extraction operations. The idea is to acquire plots of land over oil and gas reserves that are known to exist, so the company can create a steady stream of income. The risk of this play is that the oil and gas will run out.

Services and Support

An oil and gas investor who invests in service and support can find many ways to help provide supporting services to the oil and gas industry: transportation, shipping, logistics, pipelines, construction, drilling equipment and so much more.

Overall advantages for oil and gas investors include diversification, profit potential and tax advantages, while disadvantages include volatility, liquidity, commissions and complexity. Weigh the pluses and minuses and decide if you want to invest today!

Oil and Gas Leads