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Here at BestInvestorLeads.com we spare no expense finding and buying the best fronts, sends and client papers money can buy. We buy our papers form a tremendous pool of established resources, rooms who are trusted and reliable!

These investors are contacted by phone, prospected and confirmed as accredited investor whom have all have received a PPM!

They all have experience in managing their personal portfolios and have positions in the stock/commodity markets, real-estate, gold/silver, private placements, IPO’s, oil & gas, etc, risk takers!

For example, our Ultra Clients – sophisticated investors, who are master private placement investors. You have to talk big numbers with these investors, if you don’t they will hang up on you! Qualified for no less than $200,000 to $300,000 and they have net worths of $5,000,000 and up!

Our Private Placement prime file is among the very best available (PP Prime) with a $50,000 minimum qualifier and 100% accredited, in addition to many more proven top preforming files!

On the other hand, if you are looking for accredited investor to add you predictive dialing system. We can provide you with 50,000 vintage accredited investors for 7.5 cents per lead! All guaranteed connect ability!

The bottom line is nobody in the business is going to do a better job to earn and keep your business!

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You can start out with package of our PP Prime, ($2 per investor).

We will provide you with 1250 PP Prime for $2,500.00 and we will give you 250 Ultra-Clients for FREE on your first order!

(That’s $3,750.00 worth!)



In addition, we are service providers! With your SAN number, we can “SCRUB” your leads against the National Do Not Call database. Also, The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) violations are a lot less worrisome for you when doing business with Worldwide Marketing Connection, Inc.! Over 80,000 professional litigator phone numbers are purged from our leads! Lawyers are tupurchasing an increasingly large amount of phone numbers and they are looking to file compliance lawsuits against telemarketers. We all know what lawyers want and that’s more money any way they can get it and they are usually the only winners in the game! With over 500 TCPA lawsuits filed in 2014, more litigators will jump on the band wagon. We will continue to remove these firms every update we receive. Free, at no cost to you!